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Pantone's Color Trend Report: Top 12 Color Palettes For SS 2018

Pantone's Color Trend Report: Top 12 Color Palettes For SS 2018

New York Fashion week has come and gone, while London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks are strongly lining up. As an emerging jewelry designer, studying trends and fashion analysis each season from the Pantone Color Institute and WWD have been a part of my designing process. That doesn't mean I necessary apply those color informations to my creation. I think it's helpful to understand the essence of colors and elements that will be involved and reflected into apparel and interior industries.

Fashion is more than just a beauty in one aspect. It evokes relations of different people in both the same and different industries. Recently fashion has become not just a form of individual self-expression but also a global communication celebrating diversity in terms of shape, background, age, and gender. Vogue's Editor in Chef, Anna Wintour shared her insightful information about the recent fashion shows and the colors in the collections: stating that designers intend to show more unexpected and bright colors because those fun colors are the symbols of joy and rule-breaking. While Leatrice Eiseman, Exclusive Director of the Pantone Color Institute recognized the more appreciation and embrace of colors among consumers. Consumers are expressing a desire to experiment with colors that give them more multi-dimensional hues to tell their fresh, optimal and confident stories.

Here's all about the spring/summer 2018 top 12 color palettes that we need to know now.

PANTONE 17-1563
Cherry Tomato
Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored shade is viscerally alive.

pantone 17-1563 cherry tomato

PANTONE 18-4043
Palace Blue
Palace Blue sparkles with energy. Stirring and impressive, a brighter blue for the days ahead.

pantone 18-4043 palace blue

PANTONE 17-1514
Ash Rose
Sophisticated yet earthy Ash Rose introduces a new dimension; transforming this muted pink shade into a more grounded hue.

pantone 17-1514 ash rose

PANTONE 14-0121
Nile Green
Calm and composed Nile Green is a breezy light green that brings a breath of fresh air to the palette, working well as a serene base for a myriad of shades in the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone 14-0121 nile green

PANTONE 13-0646
The bold and lively Meadowlark, a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade highlights the Spring 2018 season, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us.

pantone 13-0646 meadowlark

PANTONE 15-1520
Blooming Dahlia
With its seemingly suggestive scent, the subtly alluring Blooming Dahlia beckons us with its understated appeal.

pantone 15-1520 blooming dahlia

PANTONE 18-3838
Ultra Violet
Conveying originality and ingenuity, the magical Ultra Violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues.

pantone 18-3838 ultra violet

PANTONE 18-1325
Spiced Apple
Brown with a red undertone, the warm, wholesome and engaging Spiced Apple adds flavor to the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone 18-1325 spiced apple

PANTONE 14-3207
Pink Lavender
Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence.

pantone 14-3207 pink lavender

PANTONE 12-2103
Almost Mauve
With its gentle petal like touch, delicate and ephemeral Almost Mauve adds a sense of nostalgia to the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone 12-2103 almost mauve

PANTONE 17-1929
Rapture Rose
Romantic and affectionate Rapture Rose is an artful rosey red that brings a flirtatious charm to the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone 17-1929 rapture rose

PANTONE 13-0550
Lime Punch
Sharp and pungent, Lime Punch hits a chord with its strident and striking citrus like presence in the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone 13-0550 lime punch

And here's additional classic color palettes because the core classic shades can highlight the nuance of both classic and rich hues for the spring/summer 2018 season.

PANTONE 19-4034
Sailor Blue
The navy like Sailor Blue anchors the palette.

pantone 19-4034 sailor blue

PANTONE 14-4202
Harbor Mist
A mid-tone dove gray, Harbor Mist solidifies the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone 14-4202 harbor mist

PANTONE 15-1214
Warm Sand
Warm Sand is a comforting neutral shade that effortlessly connects the seasons.

pantone 15-1214 warm sand

PANTONE 11-0608
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk represents the classic mainstay of a white and/or off-white for the Spring 2018 season.

pantone 11-0608 coconut milk

Which color do you find will be your favorite color of the season? Tell us in the comments below:

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Anita xo


         Trend information and color swatches courtesy of Pantone

Top 10 Things I learned From New York Fashion Week 2017

Top 10 Things I learned From New York Fashion Week 2017

NYFW season is officially here, and who doesn't love all the glam that the runway shows and presentations bring? If you remember I had my jewelry line on the Art Hearts Fashion runway on February 12th - New York Fashion Week 2017: House of Byfield x Dstyle x SiammPatra. It was an unforgettable experience to work with different brands. This time I chose not to participate on the runway, but I've chosen to connect with my fellow fashionistas who attend the shows. With different tasks to participate during the fashion week, I learned something new:

As a jewelry designer, I find it's quite important to get to know clothing designers and get inspired from them because we can't wear jewelry without beautiful clothes to complete a look.

Here's my biggest learning experiences from New York Fashion Week September 2017.

1. No one is you and that is your power.

Fashion to me is like self-expression, what you wear represents who you are. Moreover Fashion week is a kinda event that encourages both designers and guest attendees to be creative and innovative with their looks as well as feeling good from the inside. Don't let an outfit wear you, wear the outfit!

I simply wore my go-to any occasion uniform; bubble gum pink pantsuit is now my favorite piece. It's a classical look of masculine form, yet enhance the femininity with the soft and girly color like pink and floral print. I completed my outfit with my SiammPatra jewelry. I'm a big fan of mix & match - whether a little or a lot, I always aim for a dramatically chic look.

new york fashion week street style inspiration 2017

statement jewelry trend at fashion week

2. Fashion week is not all about the shows anymore, it's all about networking, networking, and networking.

As you know, you can watch every show live straight out from your computers or devices without appearing at the shows. But the beauty of attending the show never fades away. People still keep attending the shows, not just to see only the shows right in front of them, but they also hope to bump into celebrities, amazing fashion influencers, idols, buyers or the future partner-in-crimes. And it sure is fun just to dress up. I'm very fortunate to be able to connect with amazing ladies through the years since I moved to USA. I've learned so much and they’ve given me so much inspiration.. This year in New York Fashion Week, I got to meet Chigi from in person. We've met each other through Instagram about a year ago. She also had me featured on her blog under category: Behind The Magic - SiammPatra. I appreciated her enthusiasm to get to know me as a brand and the story behind the brand. Since then she has become a SiammPatra Brand Ambassador and a good friend. We finally met in person and had a very nice conversation spanning from anything and everything that came in to our minds. She didn't just bring her beautiful personality and appearance, she introduced me to her Houston bossbabe bloggers too. I made more friends, hallelujah!

meeting fashion blogger at fashion week nyc

new york fashion week street style inspiration

3. Fashion shows almost always start late.

From my experience attending the runway last season, I can tell you that the backstage is not all the glitz and glamour that you see on the front. There is always and will always have last minute things that might not go as a planned and that could be a reason to effect the schedule (in my show that was exactly the case!) In general, most shows will be slightly about 30 minutes late.

4. If you can't find moments, make them!

I always want to make sure that my styling and my jewelry have been seen and recognized. I'm pretty much a billboard myself. Also I believe anything can happen in Fashion Week, so I was seeking an opportunity to get free advertising (nothing wrong about that, right?) Luckily I happened to get notice by a couple photographers. One of them is an IMG photographer that found fashion influencers to take photos with Lexus cars (I actually just learned that Lexus x NYFW #HowFashionTravels is a main sponsor of Fashion week instead of Mercedes Bez this year! - Where had I been? You might ask...LOL). I knew I was very stiff and nervous taking photos but I found the moments of myself. I found that people realized my identity.

sponsor shoot with IMG photographer for lexus campaign #howfashiontravels

sponsorship of new york fashon week 2017 lexus shooting campaign

5. Fashion raises Political Awareness.

In recent years, sexism, racism and human right have taken the world's attention. Fashion's always functioned as a reflection of the world at large and this season designers have taken the stages to talk about the issues that are really important for them. For some, many different designers make political statements on tees or jackets while Vogue-in-chief Anna Wintour, standing up for supporting rights with the pin for Planned Parenthood. At the mean time on Clarkson Sq, I spotted quite a few outstanding transgender fashionistas and It's not about sexism that make them different than the others because we share the same love of fashion.

6. The days are long and the meals are rare.

This is something that I learned from my fashionista friends who had lined up shows for the entire week of the NYFW. Each day my fellow fashionistas wake up very early to have photoshoots prior to each NYFW show they attend. This makes it less stressful for them when there is shooting in between the shows or presentation meetings. And if you don't really put your meals in your schedule, you will simply miss eating. Most of fashionistas that I talked with, they carried a couple fruit bars to snack in between the shows. They mostly have real meals just for breakfast and late dinner after the shows.

7. Gratitude is a key.

I'm going to be honest with you. NYFW can seem intimidating especially if you go there for the first time! I was overwhelmed by so many fabulous fashionistas and models at the shows. They seem to be so perfect in every essence of their details. As you can see, it's so easy to go down the rabbit hole of comparison trap. I did that last year and I felt terrible. This year I told myself to have fun with my wardrobe and play with the magic "Make it work." This way, I feel good to embrace my mistakes and strive to make an even better me and better experience next season.

gratitude is key

8. Models have become diverse.

Something that I adore especially in New York Fashion Week this year that designer brands who are super boisterous made super positive shifts by having more that just one-color models on the stage and the most exciting shows don't stop there. Calvin Klein sent a 16-year-old transgender model down the runway and fashion label Chromat outfitted two plus-size models with anti-chafing thigh bands, according to reports from The New York Times and Vogue. I'm so happy to see that the body positive movement has taken the runway this time and I hope to see more and more around the globe. Women should be proud and positive with their own body shapes and skins.

9. Stay humble, and be kind.

Either in the start-up world or the professional show-stopper, it can be easy to let things get to your hand. It's a big pool of opportunity and people from around the world hustle and bustle around fashion week. You will never know who is who and who those people know. Its important to be respectful, just for the simple fact that everyone deserves it, no matter who they are. Who knows, that quiet person you meet in the corner might be the person knows your idols or becomes a really big fish in the nearest future. Reality is, you're still a small baby fish (No matter level you are - Look at what Kanye West stormed the VMA's stage during Taylor Swift's speech years ago, the intension is still there and Taylor Swift can't let it go and make it to her latest album; "Look What You Made Me Do"! Oh, boy!) So stay humble and kind (If you don't get motivate enough, listen to my favorite song: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, LOL). Because if you think you know everything or above the others, you're probably missing out on a lot of things.

10. Don't go at the show alone. (Optional)

As I mentioned earlier that NYFW can seem intimidating - and you don't have to brave it alone. The point of going to the show is about meeting new people, making connections and having fun. Going with a roommate or someone that you know, can make some aspects easier. Why? If you don't book any professional photographers to walk with you, your bestie will have your back on that. I mean come on, NYFW is a perfect backdrop to take photos for every fashion influencer and you don't want to get a selfie with just your head and the sign of NYFW! I adore the group of my Houston fashionista boss babes that I ran into at the post-show. They hold each other accountable to get through each day.

No matter where and how you make it to the shows, be organized, be prepared and embrace every moment of it. And if you bump into an Asian lady with almost every finger fills with statement rings, a couple layers of zipper necklace and a final touch of a single dangling chained earring, here you go - that's ME! Say hi or simply connect with me on Instagram.

Have you been to NYFW? Tell me about your tips and experience below!


Anita xo


      Photographer: Jeff Jacob

Meet the Mini Exclusive Collection: Sweet Tooth

Meet the Mini Exclusive Collection: Sweet Tooth

Every season I always come up with a new collection that is either an inspiration from a trip where I went, things which I saw or people who I met. Strangely this time, my inspiration came from a few voices that surround me - customers and friends who appreciated my work and kept asking me if I could work with more colored stones.

The Cleo collection has been SP's bestseller collection from the moment we launched this line back in 2016. The Hemhem Cocktail Statement Ring was the most popular design among the others. This design has solidified the fashion statement piece and the deep green emerald colored stone makes it distinctly unique.

I received many requests about additional colors and that created a little challenge to meet everyone's needs. After revisions and pressing customer requests, I'm happy to announce that we've just launched our first mini collection. It's an exclusive collection in which I worked on a small quantity in each design. I will see if I want to expand my work and dedicate to adding more colored stones in the future.

Here are three themes of colored stones that I play around:

1. Fuchsia: Who wouldn't love pink? The bright pink is the season's must-try color. The solid pink combines with the classic black and gives a subtle edge look and reflect the power and confidence of femininity.

2. Marble: From a home-decor moment to a one-off i-phone case to a viral pattern in the fashion industry, marble is always eye-grabbing. The contrasting stripe and the saturated tone of black and white are a great alternative to classic black.

3. Champagne: There is just something magical about this color. I can't quite put an explanation to it. This elegant, sophisticated and tasteful shade is evocative of champagne which is the same as the category of Butterum from Color Palette New York by Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2017 (What a lovely coincidence!).

View the complete of exclusive collection of rings and earrings in the "Sweet Tooth" lookbook below:

jewelry editorial lookbook fall winter 2017 2018


guilty pleasure editorial photography colorful accessories rings

Cattleya Stud Earrings + Cattleya Cocktail Statement Ring + Cattleya Link Statement Ring

fashion editorial magazine fruit and sweet

Lunar Link Statement Ring + Chain Link Accent Band Statement Ring Gold 

I know their arrival has been long awaited so I hope you enjoy. 


Anita xo,


          Photographer: Bruce Field @bofields 
          Visual Director: Amanda Moore-Karim @amandaluxe



Boss Babe Series: Remi Sabbah

Boss Babe Series: Remi Sabbah

We couldn't think of any more qualified to introduce as our boss babe series than stylist/fashion influencer and the founder of Mlle Epaulette, Remi Sabbah. Not only we huge fans of Mlle Epaulette's clothing line, but we've always been impressed with her savvy style and vision as a pioneer female entrepreneur. We've been deeply inspired by her and her brand ever since. 

See below for a Q+A with Remi and learn more about her take on summer, fashion and more.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Who's Remi Sabbah?

A Lebanese fashion designer, founder and creative director behind the fashion brand Mlle Epaulette, created to empower women everywhere. I also have a blog which serves as a platform where I share my wanderlust experiences, journey and style.

What were you doing before you started Mlle Epaulette and how you got into the fashion industry?

I was practically born into fashion from my childhood as my father was rooted in the field in Lebanon. My father was my stylist during my adolescence. I never felt independent away from his own taste. I walked in different paths in journalism until I moved out of Beirut to settle in Europe. I never thought the roads will take me back to the family business; but it did. At some point I needed to prove that I have my own taste, my own vision. I came up with the brand 5 years ago. The name came to me in a dream. It encompasses my personal worldview that women have a strong powerful stance in society. They can make decisions. They can build each other's up. They can be strong together...After all my dream came true. And every person involved in making this magic is a woman.  

Where do you turn for inspiration?

Women has been my ultimate inspiration. I derive my inspiration equally from the runways and couture fashion, as I do from what I see people wearing on the streets of London, Milan, Paris..and wherever my travels take me. My Lebanese origin is also another source of inspiration for my personal style.

Three things we don't know about you...

I love and precious privacy. I am a total Capricorn woman, very caring and passionate for every around me like a mother.

If you could choose any fashion era to live in, which one would you choose and why?

It would be the golden era of 1920's when Audrey Hepburn lived which it was the transition era between black and white and life in multicolors. People had huge sense of romance, class and Royal attitudes which unfortunately we lack of it now in our recent days.

how to wear white or monochrome outfits for summer

What is your styling advice to women? 

What I advise women is to be true to their style, if they want to look stylish. Confidence is the most alluring element on a woman and in order for a woman to be confident, she needs to be feeling comfortable in her own skin.

What's next for Mlle Epaulette?

Managing to get my brand a global outlook has always been one of my goals. I want the label to be recognized in Europe and around the world. I would love for people to know my signature looks and appreciate them. Getting prepared to be a mother is another big mission next to the career, and always focusing on my partnership in bio-ogalife company to help people stay healthy as much as possible. 

When and how did you first learn about SiammPatra?

Through Instagram, the app that is bringing people closer than ever from different part of the world.

Which are your favorite top three SiammPatra pieces and why?

I love everything gold, strong statement pieces as handcuff and rings with green stones. Simply it reminds me of Greek goddesses and life up any style or simple clothe piece when you add it to it. Beautiful job and creations always take my attention. 

Jewelry has the power to...

Make any woman feel bold. 

A woman's wardrobe has the power to...

Tell more about her personality and style. 

How can people follow you?

You can find my Mlle Epaulette's clothing line at

And to get inspired by my journey and style at

Also feel free to connect me on Instagram:



Thanks for reading!


-SP Team xo


              Photography provided by: Remi Sabbah

Swimwear as Daywear: How To Wear This Hot Summer Trend

Swimwear as Daywear: How To Wear This Hot Summer Trend

It's not something new, we all have done it - at least once. A dry swimsuit is essentially a breathable bodysuit that you can wear to stroll around in the heat and you can dive into any water in any moments (if you want to - of course!) What a good idea, and yes...technically we can wear our bathing suits all day long no matter occasion. 

Our inner beach babe is absolutely smitten with this trend! Here is how a model and fashion influencer of, Amy Friel gives us an advice how to "Beating the Heat" by wearing her one piece swimsuit for a casual summertime look. 

"I personally love an open back with a long necklace draping over your back. The subtle touches of jewelry really elevate this casual look." - Amy Friel

Summer has never been better! 


-SP Team xo

                     Photographer: Jess Epstein


Boss Babe Series: Renita Biddle

Boss Babe Series: Renita Biddle

Get excited about our Boss Babe Series this month! A fashion designer, street style star and fashion forward extraordinaire . She's truly one-of-a-kind (much like her latest "The Pin + Skin" collection). Her name is Renita Biddle, a founder of the unique apparel, Cherubim, which began in 2015 on the premise that fashion is a conduit of expression. We're not only appreciate her avant-garde style,  but also adore her quirky, yet spiritual and artistic personality.

Read more about our Renita muse in the Q + A below:

Tell us about yourself. Who's the woman behind "Cherubim"?

My name is Renita Biddle! I was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. The youngest of 8 kids. I consider myself half introvert and half extrovert. I am a lover of old 21 Jumpstreet episodes. My heartthrob of all time is Johnny Depp. I innately knew I was a designer at age 5 when I hand sewed wedding attire for my big collection of Barbie dolls. I believe in Jesus Christ, I'm humorous, big time foodie, and inner rock princess. I love to act, write poems, stories, and chase the sun (I always like to be outdoors).

What's inspired you to start your business and what's your mission?

Although I've been designing many years, it wasn't until two years ago, I decided taking my vision to another level and aiming to show my fashion perspective to the world. My brand, Cherubim, is all about being unconventional and spontaneous, the way I think fashion should be, unpredictable but always fun. Cherubim speaks to the daring diva from every walk of life, who's not afraid to stand alone for the sake of individuality. 

Why's "Cherubim"? Where does it come from?

I was inspired to use the name Cherubim because as a little girl I imagined I was playing with three angels in a circle. The fact that everything we see comes out of the spiritual realm fascinates me. Also Cherubim itself means a hierarchy of angels.

What's a day like in the life of Renita Biddle?

I always start my day with devotion and worshipping God. Reading the Bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me is my foundation, apart from this I am nothing. I have my coffee (A Must!) Get inspired by various genres of music, lately 80s punk like Billy Idol. I do some sketching of the ideas that's in my head, then I go out for a coffee in the city to get inspired by life and the energy of people and places.

What do you love the most about your role as a fashion designer?

I love that I have the ability to give birth to something that didn't exist before and that people appreciate it!

What's the story behind your collections?

Every collection has a story, but it's usually just a random thought that inspires my pieces. It could be a sound or an image I see and then boom! The light bulb comes on!

Describe your brand in three words...

Free-spirit, unconventional, chic.

summer punk rock street fashion

What's your favorite type of clothes and accessories? Why?

I love vintage stuff! It's just so good. Nostalgia makes me like a time-traveller.

What is your styling advice to women?

Take a risk and be confident. Don't worry so much with trying to be on-trend, "Be the Trend!"

How do you work jewelry into your everyday wardrobe? Are there certain pieces that you wear everyday?

I love staple pieces that I can wear with lot of stuff. I swear by good, but gaudy rings, dainty necklaces or punk-inspired chokers. It's all about my mood.

When and how did you learn about SiammPatra?

I was introduced to SiammPatra by anohter fashionista friend of mine who designs socks.

What is your favorite SiammPatra pieces? Why?

I totally love "The Avenue of Savage Collection! The cool zipper details instantly makes you feel like a posh bad girl. The zipper choker rules!

punk rock street chic by renita biddles

the pin + skin collection by renita biddles

statement rings pre-fall jewelry trend

Who will you like to see wearing your clothes?

Rihanna, Willow Smith, Zoe Kravitz as well as everyday inner rock princesses.

How can people contact and follow you?

I can be found on :

Instagram @cherubimrb

Facebook @Cherubimrb

Twitter @Cherubimrb


Thanks for reading!

-SP Team xo

                     Photographer: Anita J.

Featured on

Featured on
SiammPatra is featured on Who What Wear's outfit ideas by Anaa Saber today! A model, fashion influencer of and Who What Wear assistant concept editor, Anna Saber wear many hats (literally). Her style and personality approaches to dressing involves athleisure and with her latest distribution with Who What Wear Fashion, Anaa put together some style concepts; "So, These Pants Might Just Be Better Than Jeans—Thoughts?" collaborated with our favorite Crystal Mismatched Chain Link Statement Earrings, Rhodium. Read more the full content at! And keep your eyes out for the next coming weeks throughout our site or sign up to be the first to know - our new limited edition items are coming up soon (only small inventory)!

-Anita xo

Photographer: Ali Reza Malik

Boss Babe Series: Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam

Boss Babe Series: Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam

Meet the beautiful and talented Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam, a fashion influencer, stylist and founder of C'est le Style. We fell in love with her exciting sense of style and confidence upon discovery on her Instagram gallery. Her styling eclectic and her attitude toward styling is thoughtfully inspired. Something we admire most about her fashion choices is her willingness to have fun and embrace bold and bright ensembles and accessories into her wardrobe. Her style, attentiveness and awareness with current trends is apparent in everything she wears. Thanks to a mutual love in New York Fashion Week, we finally met Kyleigh in person and it's been a love affair ever since. 

See our impressive Q + A with Kyleigh below.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Who's Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam?

From designing collections as a kid to styling high-profile clients as an adult, fashion has always been something near and dear to my hear. I've always loved helping people, writing, and fashion, which sums up what a blogger does on a daily basis - writing about style tips and helping others stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

What and how did you get into fashion influencers' world?

I've always been involved in fashion, and it's always been my one true love. Making a name for yourself in the blogging world is very challenging these days since there's so many of us, but it's all about making connections and supporting other bloggers who share the same passion. It's a community. A family in a sense. Network, network, network!

Why's "C'est le Style"? Where does it come from?

I've never been one to follow trends, and my style changes depending on my mood. One day I'll be chic and sophisticated with a structured blazer, a great pant and pumps, and the next day I'll sport a cool girl look with my favorite denim and sneakers. It's ever changing! C'est le Style derives from the famous saying, "C'est le vie," which means "That's life." Similarly, C'est le Style means "That's style." or "This is my style".

What's your philosophy when it comes to dressing and accessorizing? 

When it comes to fashion, my advice is that if you love it, wear it, because if you feel confident, it shows. I've been known to pull off some rather daring outfits, and it totally worked because I was owning it! Confidence is key.

Describe your style aesthetic in three words...

Classic, fashion-forward, structured.

kyleigh mccollam stylist

What is your styling advice to women?

Wear what you love and what makes you happy. Most importantly, dress for yourself and no one else.

What's next for C'est le Style?

I want to know just as much as you! I have many plans in the works to expand my personal brand as a blogger. This year will be involving a lot of travel and taking risks. I'm ready!

When and how did you first learn about SiammPatra?

We connected through Instagram around a year ago when I was first starting out as a blogger. One of the many reasons why I love Instagram is because you meet so many amazing people, and I got very lucky to find what is now one of my favorite jewelry brands, SiammPatra. It's unlike anything I've seen on the market.

What are your top three favorite SiammPatra pieces? Why?

My #1 favorite piece is the Galaxia Zipper Lariat Choker Collar Necklace. You can wear it multiple ways - doubled, tripled, choker style, a belt, around a hat, the list goes on and on...(read: All That Glitter is SiammPatra).

I also love the Fontage Cuff Bracelet, because I love anything with bows, and it's a great stacking piece. I have it in the black and gold.

Last but not least, I love the Quadrangle Earrings. They make such a statement and I wear them all the time! I didn't know how much use I would get out of them since they're green, but they match more than you think. They instantly turn heads! (read: Almost Fashion Week Outfit).

kyeleigh mccollam spring styling

street style new york fashion week

Who are your favorite top three fashion idols to follow? Why?

Olivia Palermo - She's a modern-day Audrey. Chi, classic, stylish, brilliant. 

Aimee Song - Her style is impeccable, and I love that she was a pioneer for fashion bloggers. Like me, she doesn't dress like anyone else I've seen. Instead, she's always setting trends and staying true to her style. It's rare these days.

Sarah Jessica Parker - She's fun and fabulous. Nothing is too out of the ordinary to wear. all styles, shapes, colors and textures are welcome, and even encouraged. SJP never lost that innocent girly girl side. To her, life is all about playing dress up.

How can people follow you?

I'm on all social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) at @cestlestyle_

My blog is Subscribe to be the first to see what's new on the blog.

Thanks for reading!


-SP Team xo


                      Photos via 



Statement Earrings: How to Wear Your Hair

Who else has fallen in love with the biggest jewelry trend season: statement earrings? Either wearing as one single statement or a pair of eye-catching set, we're all in!

Besides knowing how to wear your statement earrings (if you're not so sure how to pull this trend off, read our previous post: How to Wear Statement Earrings Trend for Spring 2017 Right Now), it's also important to do your hair for the best to show case your ear pieces. When it comes to spring-summer as the heat is up, we love a pull-back our hair or have a fuzzy bun to not only allow a nice breeze around the neck but also to ensure that the extra-long dangle pieces hang nicely. 

crystal mismatched statement earrings gold

hair style for statement earrings

You can also pull all your hair back to one side for a simple sideswept style as seen on Kyleigh McCollam. This style evokes a romantic presence of femininity. 

how to wear a solo earring

There are so many ways to spread the love to your lobes. When you hair is done right, don't forget to try a bold red lipstick or any vivid colors to give a fresh and an edge helping the look to feel very modern (we've got you covered with the hot article; The Best Makeup Trend for Spring 2017). When you're done right, you'll be ready to make an entrance to any office, party or night out.



SP Team xo,


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How to Wear Statement Earrings Trend for Spring 2017 Right Now

Thanks to S/S '17 runways, we can see that bold jewelry is continually being a major trend. Didn't it seem that just last year, when it came to the ear, people were about that teeny tiny? (That's why we love fashion so much because either you have to be a trend hunter who keeps up and embraces with the trends or you have to be a trend setter who can embrace your own style over the trends and makes the best version out of the trends for yourself). This year earrings are about the bigger is the better. 

Also remember that the arrival of springtime means we start to emerge from our heavy winter clothes. Ears begin to peek out, we begin showing our neck (wearing less or/and light clothes). We've been inspired from the one-earring trend that's been all over the recent fashion weeks. (our NYFW fashion week in collaboration included). Now, you don't have to be afraid if you loose one of your earring mates over the years. You can wear it with pride again. 

How should you embrace this trend for the first time? Begin by choosing a single earring with a geometric or sculptural shape - one that's chunky or giving you the look of 3D, colorful, or has interesting structure or texture. We actually love this trend because it's easier than putting two earrings and we love the fact of low-maintenance that our lobes can fly solo in no time.

how to wear a solo statement earring

Nonetheless you're a woman who believes that the key of fashion is balancing (surely no for a solo dangler) and still want to break out of your fashion comfort zone, look to long and short lengths paired together, or studs mixed with drops. We love a combination of slightly different elements but still make the pairing a bit cohesive like a single Quadrangle Earring and a solo Empress Stud Earring

how to wear mismatched earrings 2017

List but not last, if you feel too overwhelmed finding statement earrings to mismatch for yourself. Check out the many variety of statement earring sets in the marketplace. Vendors make all mismatched pairs as easy as soulmates. We love our Crystal Mismatched Chain Link Statement Earring Gold as they are simple and chic that have an endless potential to go with any occasion.

crystal mismatched chain link statement earrings gold

How will you be incorporating the trends of wearing statement earrings into your style? We'd love to hear. 


-SP Team xo


                     Photos via & Jeff Jacob
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