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New Arrivals: The Escape Collection in Depth

New Arrivals: The Escape Collection in Depth

I've been always inspired by things around me on the back roads as well as the cities I've traveled to. Many times those tangible objects on the street turn out to capture my soul and consume the moment in my heart. 

Escape (noun): An act of avoidance or runaway from something.

I'm falling hard with my newest collection that has been named "Escape". This collection was initially inspired as I traveled west and visited historical museums in New Mexico and California.  Walking around I noticed old locks and chains and that unleashed a variety of thoughts and feelings.

I suddenly had a connection not just with the beauty in these tough and rusty shapes of those chains, but also they drew me with so many questions; what is like to be in chains? what is it like to be free? Even though we live in the time of revolution and no more slavery. I often think, are we really as free as we think we are?  Are we a slave of our minds? Of our thoughts? Of our habits?  Or if cultural expectations? 

Now that we are living in the digital age, we easily consume endless information through various media. They're sudden and global. At the same time, the lines of fact and fiction seem to blur and everyone can access information the way they like it. Do we get trapped in the world's vision about how we should live our lives?

Right now I feel like it's one of those times that it's very important to connect to ourselves and live in the moment (either small or large). So I designed this collection to symbolize overcoming obstacles and escaping our own illusions that we create ourselves or/and that we get impacted from others. Let's remember that we are human and none of us are perfect. We might view someone or something's from one perspective, it doesn't mean that their lives are painted the same in all 360 degrees. Let's respect others and don't forget to respect yourself too.

The collection includes: Chain Link Statement Ring, Chain Link Accent Band Statement Ring, Double Chain Statement Ring, Crystal Mismatched Chain Link Statement Earrings, Box Chain Link Cuff Bracelet, 18" Large Chain Link Choker Necklace, Long Chain Link Necklace, Flat Plate Chain Accent Choker Collar Necklace and Trapeze Pendant Necklace. The jewelry can be worn as a trophy of things overcome or as a reminder of choices we need to make. This season, we evoke recognition and relationship to ourselves.

Thanks for reading and continue happy shopping!

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob & Me



 new arrival crystal mismatched chain link statement earrings

crystal mismatched earrings

unisex chain link accent band statement ring

18 large chain link choker collar necklacejewelry lookbook box chain link cuff bracelet

chain link cuff bracelet






Checking-in From Tuscon

Checking-in From Tuscon

As much as we wanted to start 2017 off fresh by not letting mundane tasks rule our schedule and working towards our one year plan, we seemed to have got stuck in our office doing exactly that (or at least we tried!). So here was our first trip of the year to get out from our office and gain our next inspiration.

It was our first time in Tuscon for Tuscon Gem Shows and it was an absolute pleasure to visit the world's greatest treasure hunt events that all dealers from over the world lined up all over the region. The shows were mainly minerals from rough stones to brilliant faceted cut gemstones. We found the shows were very fascinating and at the same time overwhelming because they were so many things to see in a little time. We were very lucky enough to have a group of friends led us and pointed out where to go first. 

These are a mix of images from the Tuscon Gem Shows and desert shots along the roads. We started with "jump start" or satellite" shows at the surrounding hotels and motels in Tuscon (we cleared that we wouldn't be able to join the main show called TGMS because we have NYFW awaiting for us on Sunday, February 12th - our jewelry is going to be on the runway! Woo hoo!) Each year the satellite shows started earlier in order to capture the early sales and that was exactly captured our attention. 

tuscon gem show 2017 days inn

multi gemstones trade show

minerals fossils

mission san xavier del bac tuscon

historical spanish church tuscon

interior design mission san xavier del bac tuscon

desert tuscon arizona


Do you like jewelry with gemstones? Tell us what gemstones are your favorites in the comment below.


-SP Team xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob






Invitation: The Ultimate Holiday Pop-Up Event 2016

Invitation: The Ultimate Holiday Pop-Up Event 2016

The holidays finally are upon us. It's a time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the upcoming year. Family and friends frequently get together for celebrations. It's a time to be near the ones we love and share love through perfect gifts.

The holiday pop up shop has really overtaken the shopping landscape in NYC this season and we can't be more happy to announce that we will take part in this year's most talked about holiday pop-up; hosted by Runway PassportAMCONYC and Tech Style. It will be held at 168 Bowery (Corner of Bowery and Kenmare) on Friday December 16th to 18th, 11 am - 7 pm

There will be emerging fashions and tech forwards from all over the world (Of course, our baubles included!). Every present you need to give and receive, all in one place. Also we're proud to say that this event is about the joy of giving. It's not just your loved one that will feel special with your unique and thoughtful gifts, but also all your purchases will be gifts that give back because 5% of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

With your purchases, they can make a difference.

By the way, it's a free event. Everyone is welcome by RSVP at

We hope to see fantastic people and make new friends - see you there!


-SP Team xo


Photographer: Runway Passport


Your Ultimate Guide to Cool-Girl Style by Yomanchic + A Giveaway

Your Ultimate Guide to Cool-Girl Style by Yomanchic + A Giveaway

The exact qualities of a cool girl can be hard to define, but thanks to today's street style-obsessed world that we live in, only thing we have to do today is take a quick peek at Pinterest, give Instagram a quick scroll, or visit any one of your favorite fashion influencers' blogs and we're inundated with so many tasteful, inspirational and resourceful fashion in just a-moments click.However, in turn, this can result everyone wearing similar things and looking the same. 

Today we reached out to one of our dear friends: Liat Neuman @yomanchic (thanks to a bona fide source of fashion inspiration like Instagram that makes the world closer and brings like-minded people in one roof. In this case, we only refer to women power and the way they style and support one another). We admire role as a fashion influencer and a devoted mother for her children. From mastering the perfect print mix techniques to the most chill way to hang out with her kids, leads us to question how she manages her cool-girl style in all situations.

Here're her three tips that totally worth cribbing;

1. It’s all in the details

One way to add some coolness to your style in minimal efforts is by wearing a statement piece of jewelry that can enhance your style and create your own signature. Simply throw on a plain shirt with a Bold accessory like a cool choker, which is one of the biggest trend this season. Another way to add some attitude to your appearance is by wearing two different jewelries together. 

2. Think out of the box

Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, from time to time. You can do it by wearing things unexpectedly or by doing a mix and match. For example mixing between feminine and masculine elements. Consider wearing a tailoring suit in a girly color or wearing a lacy camisole to reveal a little skin.

3. Pops of color

For the ultimate cool outfit, don’t hesitate to add pops of color to your outfit. You can invest in a colorful coat that will spice up your everyday look and bright up the gloomy days and paired it with neutral colors pieces. To complete the look, classy necklace in black or white or even in gold will give a polished touch to the entire appearance.

And in case you need a little convince to adopt her stylish ways to your own, we're also giving away a Galaxia Bolo Wrapped Necklace to one lucky reader -here's how to enter:

 streetstyle fashion blogger yomanchic canada


1. LIKE this photo and FOLLOW @yomanchic and @siammpatra on Instagram:

2. COMMENT on our Instagram and TAG your three friends.

3. STAY TUNED: The giveaway ended. 

Thank you so much for your all partcipations. 


-SP Team xo


Photographer: Liat Neuman @Yomanchic

DIY Fashion: Kendall Jenner Distressed T-Shirt

DIY Fashion: Kendall Jenner Distressed T-Shirt

Everybody knows that supermodels are some of the big street-fashion players. They wear the best labeled dresses and the coolest "It" items. Then, However, that might not be a case, because we read an article "So This Is Why Kendall Jenner Is Wearing Ripped T-Shirts" on WhoWhatWear and it blew our minds away! Yeah, we're talking about the DIY distressed tee with the deep plunged cut, that has a nice bralette reveal -maybe this is something only Kendall can pull it off and make everyone commend on. 

Hold on to that thought...Well, we might not have the same kind of figure that Kendall has, but we're sucker for a cool look and stay true aesthetic, so we'll give it a shot. 

Here is a video of how to make the distressed T-shirt like Kendall. All you need is an oversized T-shirt or Boyfriend T-shirt, a pair of scissors and attitude.



Believe us: It doesn't matter if you wear the sexiest clothes or have a very sexy body like Kendall Jenner -If you can't own your look, but let the look own you, you won't be considered stylish. 

Will you wear a cut-up t-shirt? Share with us your thoughts and how you kill it!


-SP Team xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob 


The Avenue of Savage Collection Inspiration

The Avenue of Savage Collection Inspiration


Have you ever had a "Do What You Love" moment? I've been reckoned, rumbled, arisen and now proudly present my new collection called "The Avenue of Savage."

It took me tons of encouragement with loads of carbs (pizza and donuts at the end of the nights to keep my energy going - thank God that was just a short period of time)  to get me up on my feet and finally show the world these new jewelry arrivals.  

The Avenue of Savage was inspired by two completely different things that reconcile one another. I always dream of being "The Next Cool Rocker." in this case I only mean by external look. I grew up admiring rock 'n' roll edge and grunt style. I feel like they have the look that I need and they represent revolution and rebellion (In that time I thought they must be very brave to make loud music and hope audiences would appreciate and understand their expression behind each lyric and melody) - sort of qualities that I seek for my own the way I live and work now. 

Fast-forward to 2016 and rebellion is the new sexy. It no longer relies on what people think about you, but it matters what you think about yourself and what you want to communicate to the world. This new collection was designed with the belief that the new, modern sexy ladies are who do as much of as men, and make their own rules. That being said, jewelry is not only art form of beautiful thing making from 58-facet round brilliant-cut diamond, semi-precious gemstones and refined precious metal. It also encompasses unconventional materials that reveal intelligence of texture and intensity of materials themselves.

Re-purposed zipper is a sleek concept for the new collection that it is as much about allowing to have fun thinking outside of the box and elevating an ordinary accessory to a fantastic piece full of surprise again. Contrasted with the gold/silver teeth elements and bold chunky chains create a balance of edge and sophistication. 

That's all what we want to say, the rest is up to you :)

Thank you, as always, for reading, commenting and sharing. 

PS. We're giving $15 gift card to the first 100 subscribers. Sign up HERE and we'll send your gift card right over.

-Anita xo


Photographer: Me

This Women Empowerment is Real and Here to Stay

This Women Empowerment is Real and Here to Stay
Reading Savor Life Magazine another day; the article "Dream like a child" by Beth Larsen just got me thinking and I couldn't agree more how we change growing up especially how we dream and believe in things.                                                                                              
When we were children, dreaming was the one thing that we didn't need to learn from school and we knew how to do it very well - we were born to dream - BIG. What did you dream when you were a kid? We dreamed of being an astronaut, a princess, a super hero or a movie star. We were loaded with dreams and imagination.                                     
What happens to us when we grow up? Along the way growing up, we've learned the "3Rs": realistic, reasonable and responsible. And that was the time that our dreams started to fade away and we lose the beliefs in who we can become.                                                                                                                                                     
Today is your moment to bring back and own your dreams and beliefs. Re-remember the original dreams you had when you were young or what you believed in. What were your dreams before the "3Rs" came into your life? Our ability to dream is still in all of us and here you can simply do it by completing the sentence " I am ..." Feel free to connect to your true-selves and don't dim your light.                                                                               
" I am ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Born leader
Boss lady
Risk taker
What's yours? Tell us in the comments below.                                                                                                                                             
Start your day strong!


-SP Team xo


Photo Designed By: SP Team

It's Time to Inspire

It's Time to Inspire
Welcome a new week!
Did anyone ever write a story when you were in second grade? In our youth, many of us wrote happy stories with our dreams and life still ahead of us.
Now we still dream of happiness, but real life doesn't always work that way. Pain and joy are inseparable part of our lives. We can't deny what life offers us, we need to embrace, accept and move forward. Surprisingly somehow the pain, difficulty and discomfort allow us to grow. Through that growth we can find genuine joy and gratefulness.
Follow your bliss and let's start the new week!


-SP Team xo


Photo Designed By: SP Team

Jewelry Organizer: The Art of Displays

Jewelry Organizer: The Art of Displays

So, it has been on my to-do list for a while to come up with creative ways to organize my jewelry. Pinterest has been my ultimate inspirational resource of all things creative, including organizing my jewelry. My goal is to keep the jewelry I wear most often highly invisible. This way I can easily remember my options and make them easy to grab and go. An added benefit is that by keeping them visible, they add a decorative element to the room. 

Here are some of my jewelry displays that inspired me from Urban Outfitter via Pinterest.

jewelry display ideas for home

Showcase my go-to jewels in the glass shadow box.


diy jewelry display ideas

This jewelry holder is purrrfect for stacking my Bedazzled Cuff bracelets.


best way to organize jewelry

A makeup divider tray shares multiple uses to keep my jewelry and accessory in style. 


jewelry and accessory storage ideas on pinterest

Go for a glamorous vibes with gold initial and glitter decorative bowl.


jewelry display wall hanging

Why hide my dazzlers? Display my favorite necklaces on the wall.


How do you display/store your jewels? Tell me in the comments below!

Thank you, as always, for reading, commenting and sharing. 


-Anita xo


Photographer: Me




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