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Blog On!

Blog On!

Why blogging is so important. Before I personally decided to pursue this journey of becoming an entrepreneur, I thought about why I wanted to keep a blog. I mean, lets face it, the net is filled with both celebrity and blogging fashionistas (like Olivia Palermo, Chiara Ferragni and Nicole Warne - whom are my favorites FYI) and the other millions of niche-market fashionistas. But there is still so much left to discover! And the net is exploding with endless resources for inspirations.

And then it dawned on me, I imagined myself at the end of my life, many years from now, looking back at my life's journey. And the questions like; what kind of memories did I make? What kind of adventures did I take? Where were some of the beautiful places that I visited? Who were the cool/quirky/weird people I have encountered, and what was their journey and story? So keeping a blog section to this very site was a no-brainer and to share with the rest of you.

So to those of you aspiring to blog and pursue your passions - blog on!

-Anita xo


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