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  • National Umbrella Month
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National Umbrella Month

National Umbrella Month

If March comes in like a lion, will go out like a lamb? Is the weather as colorful as our own imagination? If you know me personally, you know how excited I get about the changes to the season. And now that Spring is taking hold and the snow is turning into rain. There's just something about the rain that I find romantic, and the perfect way to celebrate national umbrella month! Here are my 7 ideal ways to spend it;

  1. Buy an umbrella: One of the greatest ways to celebrate the rain is to buy a fun umbrella.
  2. Dress up like a hopeless romantic: Contrary to John Paul Young's "Love is in the air"--- you can never predict your destiny. Who know, maybe your next quest to finding love might be under the rain. So why not dress for the occasion!
  3. Learn a new dance: Oh! I can only think of the classic 1952 film, Singin' in the rain, I adore the ways of Gene Kelly dancing in the rain after the kiss.
  4. Appreciate the moment: Bob Marley once said, “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” We are guilty of it. How many times do you find yourself grumbling under your breath and just charge through down the street, versus sticking your hand out and smile to say to yourself "yay! it's raining!" Delirious? Hardly. But we are all guilty of letting moments pass right before our eyes, and not enough effort in taking a moment to enjoy it. What I learned is that, by being present, listening and giving my undivided attention to those moments around me can be pretty magical.
  5. S’more hot chocolate is always a great idea: Who can say no to hot choco in any cold and especially wet weather?! Lets drink to that!
  6. Give thanks with a grateful heart: If I were a farmer, I couldn't thank the rain enough for blessing my land. As a day dreamer, I see the rain as confetti falling from the sky that gives life to our planet, love to my heart and laughter to my soul.
  7. Go into the rain: Celebrate. Enjoy it.

Try to enjoy the rain, you will grow to find beauty in it each time. And if you see a crazy Asian woman dancing with her Kate Spade Harrison Striped umbrella, you’re more than welcomed to join in!

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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