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Femme Floral

Femme Floral

Spring has sprung when the sun is shining; we're ready to make hay! Spring is one of the most fun seasons and I love all things feminine and floral that come with it.

I almost forgot a midi-skirt that I had purchased, since I tend to find midi-lengths unflattering for my physique, but it was so hard for me to resist the rich vibrant colors and the beautiful patterns on the skirt. And well, I was merely looking for an occasion to wear it. I accessorized it with The Crystallion Cuff in Emerald.

I spent my afternoon quietly in deep thoughts and reading. I wish I could have indulged in the moment longer. Sometimes complete silence can be your best friend. She never brings me troubles, on the contrary she brings me light and keeps me wise.

That was the inner poet in me!

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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