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  • Top 3 Q&A With Anita
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Top 3 Q&A With Anita

Top 3 Q&A With Anita

We had a quick sit down with Anita Jacob, our Head Jewelry Designer and Founder of and we selected the top 3 most frequently asked questions and had her answer them, so here they are:

1. Where are SiammPatra designs made?
Anita: I have so many finds in my design lab, some of which are made by me and some I bought from Thailand. Before I moved to the US, I made it to visit the markets every week to source unique and beautiful materials that I would like to incorporate into my designs one day. Which I now keep for sampling when designing. Once I'm satisfied with my adjustments and approve the samples, I pass the designs to my production team in Thailand. I have a deep admiration for the craftsmanship and talent from my hometown. It's an extraordinary experience that I get to work with my team. I also took a workshop last month with 92Y to familiarize myself with the sources of materials available in NYC.

2. Where do your inspirations for your collection come from?
Anita: I am inspired by all things around me. It can be anything that pops into my mind. The first collection (SS15 Bedazzled) was handcrafted bracelets inspired from elements of my homeland. Also, the different textures of fabrics, yarns and crystals put me in my element, whenever I am experimenting with them. I believe inspiration comes from anywhere - we just need to be conscious of the moment.

3. What is SiammPatra's mission?
Anita: The mission is clear. I think style should speak louder than just following trends. We consume trends and street style everyday, so why not make the most of it. I believe women should be able to create the best version of themselves in their own way. I feel like fashion has become cookie-cutter templates today. We all get caught up with routine and doing the same things and staying within our comfort zone, myself included. So our mission at SiammPatra is to challenge myself and others to choose art and style over trends. To embrace individuality and make a bold statement.

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