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  • 7 Misconceptions Of Style
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7 Misconceptions Of Style

7 Misconceptions Of Style

There's a special place in our hearts for style since we were teenagers over at our SP Headquarters! We got to talking about styles, and how they are a form of expression that helps us feel free. A message to convey our individuality, but it doesn't reveal the whole package as humans.

Which got us thinking about young ladies today and how media continues to glamorize certain aspects while shaming or avoiding some important subjects completely. So lets talk about it, the top 7 misconceptions of style:

1. Having great style costs a lot of money
Even Olivia Palermo says; "It's not about how much something cost--if it looks great, it looks great." There are so many choices out there that we just have to do our homework and the art of mixing and matching (high and low pieces) can make a look stand out in so many ways.

2. It's all about brand name
Style is beyond brand names. Think of all the style bloggers out there carrying the Chloe Drew bag, how many of them truly made it work for them? And how many of them just got it for the sake of staying relevant. Pick statement pieces that looks good on you and don't get so caught up with brand names. Not all brands are created equal just like not all brands will make you the next Chiara Ferragni.

3. You need to be thin
Totally disagree! While some women are strongly opinionated and sensitive to this topic. Women are created with different shapes and sizes and should not be limited to their choices the curvier they are. Beauty on the inside is what resonates in the long run, and you just can't argue against that.

4. Mixing and matching similar groups is right
Prints, patterns and textures are a huge trend of the moment. Some women think they need to match the same color or pattern, so that it's safe and the look doesn't crush and stand out. Sometime yes...(And boring) and many times no...(And more interesting). Again style has no rules, a mix that does't match can create a strong, edgy look and can show how creative you are too!

5. Fashion is only for fashion people
Just because you may not read fashion magazines or follow fashion blogs, fashion week, runways, or trends, doesn't mean you can't play up your creativity in this catty industry. Just create your own style and hone it.

6. Some people are just born stylish
When I look back at my fashion idols like Chiara Ferragni and Nicole Warne, they both have evolutions of their styles. No one is that stylish in their veins, we live and learn.

7. Fashion is glamorous
We think fashion is beautiful, and the people in the fashion industry must be glamorous. But behind the lens, they are the same like us. Sometimes they are happy and most often times perceived as not. Remember, everyone can be glamorous when you're the best version of who you can be.

-SP Team xo
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