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  • More Is More, Less Is Bore
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More Is More, Less Is Bore

More Is More, Less Is Bore

Last night, I spent it watching an international film over at Lincoln Plaza Cinema. And before the film started, there were several trailers to be out soon. And when I saw the Iris Apfel documentary by Albert Maysles to be released on April 29, 2015, I was beyond excited and made a reminder on my iPhone.

I remember learning about her about a few years ago. I didn't get her style when I first saw her with her big round glasses and maximalist style at her age, but I was  impressed by her demure and confidence in the way that she expressed herself. She's definitely my style icon now with the coolest line ever; "More is more and less is a bore." I can't agree enough because I absolutely stand behind that line. She always teaches young women and designers to consume style over fashion; not just take what's in or because it's what most people are wearing. She admires people who value style and individuality. She is very sweet, funny and very wise. If I ever get the opportunity to meet her in-person, I would like to ask her to be my dear friend!

Anyway, I'll definitely be watching the movie! Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face!

-Anita xo


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