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  • Central Park Cherry Blossoms
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Central Park Cherry Blossoms

Central Park Cherry Blossoms

I love Spring for a handful of reasons. It's one of the best times of year. All the flowers are in full bloom just like how all the people come out to enjoy the sun in the cozy weather; not too hot and not too cold. Believe it or not, when the weather is warmer, people's hearts are warmer too. People share more smiles and laughter and shake away the winter blues.

Jeff and I spent our weekend in Central Park, one of the most amazing places where we can still feel the soul to NYC beneath our feet, but at the same time get lost in nature. Central Park in spring is perfect, the flowers all compete to bloom as do the cherry blossoms. We found a lovely spot under a cherry blossom tree and aimed to relax and work on our writing. We couldn't pretend to do what we were supposed to for very long. The atmosphere around us was all too stimulating so we just had to go with the flow. Although we didn't have the productive day we planned for writing, we brought home a basket full of smiles and precious memories.

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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