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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

I, Anita Jacob, have always wanted a haircut with bangs; bangs that fall directly over my forehead, longer on the sides and then blend with the rest of my hair. Bangs are perfectly on-trend this spring-summer 2015 and would expertly camouflage my large forehead. Finally I got them! My haircut was styled by Lisa from Salon Topaz. She is known to be one of the best hairdressers in the Jersey area, so I actually went with very high expectations and now I understand the buzz around the block! Don't think I am vain, but I can't stop looking at myself with this new haircut! I am extremely glad that I went with my decision. I first thought of getting bangs above the brow when I saw an image in a magazine. But, my husband, Jeff, kept reminding me to play it safe and go with longer bangs. His theory was that not everyone can pull off bangs above the eyebrows. 

So on the day of my appointment, I went in with several different images of bang styles, and Lisa helped me select based on my face frame, and also gave me tips on caring for my new found bangs at home.

Here is my open letter to Lisa;

 Dear Lisa,
If you are reading this....
Perhaps later in the near future, when I get used to my bangs, I'll ask you to trim them shorter...and shorter.
Your now loyal client, AJ 

Who knows? This might become my signature look!

I made a promise to myself to be a fearless woman and enjoy doing things.

-Anita xo

p.s. Jeff also told me "Moon heads can't get short bangs!"


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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