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  • Down By Belmar Beach
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Down By Belmar Beach

Down By Belmar Beach

I can spend uncounted hours sitting on a rock looking at the water and the sky, studying the waves and the patterns of the sand, paddling my barefoot in the shallow waters and embracing the soothing atmosphere. Nothing is better than a day at the beach.

Jeff and I made a last minute decision to drive to Belmar Beach in New Jersey. This was my first time to the beach in the Spring. We were comforted by the soothing atmosphere and peacefulness, and the sound of the sea repressed all of our worries.

After about an hour strolling along the beach, we went back to our car for some warmth and a peaceful nap. It was as simple as that. Even though it was just a day trip, it gave us an opportunity to find peace within ourselves. It's not just being in a beautiful place, the reality of beauty can be found when we find a peaceful state of mind.

-Anita xo


Photograper: Jeff Jacob
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