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  • In Review, Iris Apfel's Documentary
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In Review, Iris Apfel's Documentary

In Review, Iris Apfel's Documentary

I watched Iris Apfel's documentary immediately after its release; I had time to reflect so that I can share what I learned from the film. She shines through every frame in the film, and I'm in love with her even more after watching her documentary. I never met someone that could be so inspirational and in so many perspectives. Here are a couple cool things that I learned from Iris in her film:

I like individuality. It’s so lost these days. So much sameness. Everything is homogenized. I hate it. Whatever.” With her trademark of over-sized glasses and exquisitely bold styled outfits and jewelry---Iris shows her strong passion and attitude toward art of style.

She explains, "It's hard work, you really have to put a lot of efforts into it.... Everything I have, I have to go out and find which it's not easy." Her life is absolutely driven by creativity and individuality. She devotes herself and turns it into her life's work.

"I never felt pretty, I don’t feel pretty now; I’m not a pretty person. I don’t like pretty, so I don’t feel badly. And I think it worked out well, because … when you’re somebody like myself, in order to get around and be attractive, you have to develop something, you have to learn something, and have to do something, so you become a bit more interesting. And when you get older, you get by on that. Anyway, I don’t happen to like pretty. Most of the world is not with me, but I don’t care."

Apart of her art of style, she lives her long life with excitement. She said, "Noting I ever did, I intended to do. Everything just kind a happen." It shows that she lives and enjoys with the present. Also she has a ridiculously amazing great attitude in every single aspect of her life. Although she's one of the greatest maximalist style icons, she never judges the others on their clothes or styles. She explained, "It's better to be happy than well-dressed." Obviously, she definitely manages to do both very well.

And beyond her style and attitude, Iris's relationship with her husband, Carl is very inspiring too. They're the couple that still holds hands in the back of a cab after six decades of marriage. They're always engaged and interacting each other life. I like when Iris described Carl, "I figured he was cool, he was cuddly, and he cooked Chinese food, so I couldn't do any better." Even though they decided not to have children, because they wanted to focus on their career and traveling; they have each other in so many ways.

I hope I am not spoiling it for anyone, in case some of you haven't seen this film yet and want to check it out after read this article. All I can say it, you will fall in love with this "rare bird of fashion" like I did!

-Anita xo


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