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  • Cleaning Brass Jewelry With Household Products
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Cleaning Brass Jewelry With Household Products

Cleaning Brass Jewelry With Household Products

We at SP Headquarters love our jewelry and take our accessorizing game seriously. And because our fashion jewelry are made from the highest quality of brass, copper and different alloys, we understand the importance of proper maintenance in the most economical and sustainable way possible.

Here are our most effective methods from cleaning to storage with what most of you probably have around your home.

Little tips but high results
1. The brass cleaning methods are intended to clean effectively only on brass. They may damage gemstones, cameo, or the other components of the brass pieces.
2. Whenever you wipe, clean, or polish brass, be sure to work on the direction of the metal's natural grain as much as possible - instead of rubbing in circles.
3. Brass really retains water spots easily, so make sure to dry immediately and thoroughly.
4. These methods are not for old and genuine antique brass, as they may remove some of patina coloring of aged brass. The best way to take care of aged brass is gently soak in soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly and rub surface with olive oil.

And 5 genius household products that will make your jewelry gleam again:

1. Ketchup
Smear ketchup on your brass jewelry. Use your finger or a soft toothbrush to give the sauce a quick rub all over the metal, then let the smeared item sit for a minute. After that thoroughly rinse off all ketchup. Check whether your piece is clean enough or you would like to do one more round for more tarnish removal and shine. When you're satisfied with the appearance of your brass piece, completely rinse it well to remove all traces of ketchup and dry the piece thoroughly.

2. Lemon Juice
Mix a half of lemon juice into 1 cup of lukewarm water in a glass or plastic container. Then place your brass jewelry in mixture and let it sit for a few minutes. Keep your eyes around the brass. As soon as the brass piece is reached the desired appearance, you can wash your item thoroughly with water. Then dry it completely.

3. Salt and Lemon
In case your brass item is combined with other components; fabric, thread, crystals, etc., (like our pieces), also our most favorite and effective household cleaning product. First cut half a lemon, sprinkle salt on the flat side which you're going to use as a cleaner. Then rub the salted lemon over the brass piece, in the direction of the metal's natural's grain. You may need to use a soft toothbrush to help the salted lemon to reach small crevices.

4. Vinegar and Salt
Mix 1 cup of white household vinegar with 1 tablespoon of salt in a glass container. Heat the mixture until the liquid is quite warm. Then give the mixture another stir, and add your brass item. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the item and let it soak a bit. When you notice the brass has reached the desired appearance, remove it from the mixture. Rinse it well in water and dry completely later.

5. Ammonia
In a glass container, mix 1 part of ammonia with 8 parts of water. Add your brass jewelry, then swoosh it around in the liquid. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub and clean in crevices. You can also soak your brass for a short time, but make sure to keep your eyes on it until it's reached the appearance that you desire. Then rinse well with water and dry it thoroughly.

Whatever your method may be, do take care of your jewelry, and if you do decide to let your piece soak (rather than a good scrub) be sure to keep your eye on it. We don't recommend soaking because jewelry, depending on its material may have a corrosive residue to the surface.

And lastly, the final but most important step is storage post cleaning. In order to sustain the shine and longevity to your brass jewelry. Right after cleaning and drying it thoroughly,  rub the surface with a small amount of olive oil or renaissance wax. This is for the longer-lasting protective layer (think a protective top coat for your beautifully manicured nails), especially on surfaces that will come in contact with our natural body oil. Finally you should stow all your jewelry in either a sealed box or bag when you are not wearing them. This will help prevent it from dirt, dust, pollutants and tarnish.

Enjoy our DIY tips to keep your jewelry long lasting.

-SP Team xo


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