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  • A Wake Up Call From Kate Moss
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A Wake Up Call From Kate Moss

A Wake Up Call From Kate Moss

I was feeling a little bit inspired by Kate Moss today in my effortless look of a white tee with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. I was good to leave my house without even styling my hair.

I am really beginning to not care of what fashion is about, what matters is the clothes and accessories that resonate with me at that moment. I find that jeans are my basic style statement. I typically go with a basic-slouch denim with a basic white or black t-shirt, but I never forgot to add a third piece. Actually, I always end up with a forth or fifth piece!

I'd like to turn my basic slouch denim into edgy denim with bold, mix and mis-matched of jewelry. Like today, I wore my favorite, and a bestseller of SiammPatra.com, The Crystallion Cuff and embellished denim bracelets with a little touch of silver chain bracelets, along with a rudraksha necklace that Jeff gifted me a few years ago.

This look was perfect for me to wander around my town with nothing much to do but enjoy the love of nature. I kind of wonder where the chic Kate Moss hangs out; London to Paris or Milan to Ibiza. One day...I'll be there.

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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