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  • 5 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day
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5 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

5 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

We all are human and we are effected by little things around us or even within ourselves. Not all days start off the way we want it to. Most of the time it's not all that bad, but sometimes we can let things get to us unpleasantly and can also dampen our mood.

Here are some fun tips help turn that frown upside down:

1. Listen to your favorite song and sing along.
Our guilty pleasure here at SP Headquarters is "The Lazy song" by Bruno Mars!

2. Do something silly that will bring a smile to your face.
Mother Theresa once said, "Peace begins with a smile." It's well said as well as simple to achieve. Take a mirror and make some silly faces in the mirror, the mere thought of how dorky/lame it is, just may crack that smile open. Ok, here's a better excuse, exercise your face - think yoga for the face. We are dead serious "6 Faces Yoga Poses That'll Make You Look Like You Had A Facelift" via totalbeauty.com

3. Help out a stranger, contribute to society and pay it forward.
Giving is such a powerful energy that it's contagious. Like they say, "The more you give, the more you get." When we donate or give out a helping hand to someone in need, there is a sense of gratification. The act of giving is like getting rid of self-absored vibe and being conscious that it's not all about onself all the time. Look up and look around you, there is always someone who could use a little help.

4. Write down what you are grateful for.
Most happy people focus on a good vibe or positive energy. If you are having a bad day and keep focusing and complaining about how bad your day is, the bad things only become the focus of your day. So try putting things into perspective, grab a pen and jot down the things you are grateful for in this beautiful world. It all starts with something small, like parents, food, a roof over my head, friends, etc., and eventually you grow to appreciate and realize there are much greater things to be happy for.

5. Go eye-shopping or just for a walk.
Because working out is not for everyone. But science proves that you exude small amounts of happy endorphin's when you go for a walk, so why not hit the mall, or a cool street and entertain your eyes while you are it.

Just remember the power is in your hands as you are the one who ultimately chooses how you want your day to be.

-SP Team xo


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