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From Within

From Within

A rare moment - two experiences occurring simultaneously.  Walking through the afternoon, there was a stillness as my breathing slows and my awareness slowly awakens inside.  A beautiful silence envelopes my being within and without. Eventually my gaze slowly shifts from inward to outward and the awareness of my external appearance and I see how I, a no-rule woman in term of style, is wearing a wide leg striped pants with a Thai traditional silk scarf and tons of accessories, and I am not a bit concerned that all these things may not go together.

On the contrary, I let them shine however they speak to me. I know this is not the most fashionable way of how to wear prints and patterns, but I really love to dig through my wardrobe and mix and match old traditional staples with new things. In this way, I really feel like there aren't really trends and I am free to look deeply into myself and roar...

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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