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The Clash Challenge

The Clash Challenge

I love unexpected print-on-print outfits, but clashing prints and colors is not the easiest fashion trend to perfect. In reality, it's pretty tricky to pull it off and still look amazing like the fashion bloggers or models do during Fashion Week. But that's besides the point, the more I see something as to be impossible or difficult, the more I am inclined to take it on as a challenge.

My biggest inspirations for mashed-up prints are Anna Dello Russo and my Instagram friend @thegirlwholivedforclothes. These are 3 tips I gathered from them to get myself started.

1. Mix different prints together with the same color. This is the most subtle idea to get the look like the photos in this post. I just play with different patterns and keep the same color scheme. I think this look focuses on a particular color palette which places this look at ease.

2. Pick a color to link together. This is about pairing together two very diverse pieces, but the color is a hinge to join those pieces together no matter how busy and bold the patterns. I styled this look in my previous post "Bohemian Rhapsody." The key is to find a color to tie all your pieces together, the rest is about showing off your personality and having fun with it.

3. Add more clashing accessories for fun. I think this is my ultimate tip to have the most fun with it. Whether my clothes are perfect mix-and-match prints or mashed-up prints, bold and playful statement accessories are a must and seriously update your look in a minute.

So why should we settle for only wearing a certain color or a favorite piece, when you can actually combine anything you want and look amazing the way you are?!

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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