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  • Couture Fashion Week SS16
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Couture Fashion Week SS16

Couture Fashion Week SS16
When it comes to couture, I imagine only luxe and embellished high fashion and I'm so excited to share my first time experience at Couture Fashion Week in New York City as of Saturday, September 12. The show began with the SS16 collection, "Nostalgia" collection by Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar, the 2012 award-winning costume designer from Moscow. Her collection is a high fashion blend of Russian ferocity and western cool with a dramatic imagining of high fashion costume in a Moscow theater. I feel bad that I don't have more photos of her collection to share. As hers was the first show, Jeff was busy adjusting his camera to fit with the light. By the time he got it, her show was almost over.

Then the second show started with Shafira Couture by designer Feny Mustafa. Her collection comes from her vision to feature Songket Silungkang, Indonesian heritage fabric, in the fashion world. Songket Silungkang combines with materials, such as chiffon, to make it look more balanced and not seem too heavy. Glamorous image also poured through a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals in several parts of clothing, as well as unique accessories with the concept of a “total look.”

The last show just blew me away! Anniesa Hasibuan with her "Sasikirana" collection features fine silk, velvet, brocade and other traditional Indonesian fabrics embellished with her signature touches of sequined stones and beautiful pearls. Hello Indonesia! Her collection is a very strong signature from her hometown. I feel like if I wear her designs, I would become a high hierarchy in Indonesia!

I hope this makes you feel like you were there and gives you insight into the beautiful details of the show. I think I am utterly addicted to couture. The beauty, the detail and craftsmanship that goes into every single piece is exquisite. The show completely changes my perspective on couture and I feel like next time I'll be at the front row!

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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