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Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Time flies and another year has flown by, adding one more year of growing wiser and more beautiful with a sense of maturity. I spent my morning running around in the sun with my beloved husband. In one hand I held nine balloons and in the other, a small bouquet of flowers he bought me for my birthday. This is only the beginning of the handful of gifts for my celebration. I can't wait to celebrate the rest of my birthday with him. Oh, my imagination is at work already!

Anyway, this year I also bought myself a gift. I purchased a ticket for the fall pop up vintage marketplace in New York arranged by A Current Affair. My heart has been falling for vintage clothes and grandma accessories lately. Perhaps that's the continuing version of me getting sick of basic stuff. This will be my first time at the show and I can't wait to update you all on the individualistic pieces.

-Anita xo


Photographer: Jeff Jacob
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