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  • Not So Basic Part 2
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Not So Basic Part 2

Not So Basic Part 2

This post is a continuation of my purchases from A Current Affair. This bad-ass jacket with an enormous golden lion on the back lured me in to make a purchase! All the gold prints remind me of Chinese Dynasty richness. I love the gold and the details that draw my eyes to them and even if I pair it with a simple staple, it will still make an extraordinary look. Many times I like to keep the inner wear very simple with black or brown or denim, then I'll spice up the look to be more interesting with the outer wear.

Did your eyes crush on my armcandy too? That's right, those are my new exclusive lines from SiammPatra inspired by holiday spirit with sparkle and glitter everywhere. I think this look can't be finished without a cool piece of jewelry. And if you can't decide one, just pile all of them. No one can judge you. I think you look good when you feel good and free and that's what counts.

-Anita xo


Photographer: Yvette Yo Lee
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