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  • Boss Babe Series: Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam
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Boss Babe Series: Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam

Boss Babe Series: Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam

Meet the beautiful and talented Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam, a fashion influencer, stylist and founder of C'est le Style. We fell in love with her exciting sense of style and confidence upon discovery on her Instagram gallery. Her styling eclectic and her attitude toward styling is thoughtfully inspired. Something we admire most about her fashion choices is her willingness to have fun and embrace bold and bright ensembles and accessories into her wardrobe. Her style, attentiveness and awareness with current trends is apparent in everything she wears. Thanks to a mutual love in New York Fashion Week, we finally met Kyleigh in person and it's been a love affair ever since. 

See our impressive Q + A with Kyleigh below.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Who's Kyleigh Nykoll McCollam?

From designing collections as a kid to styling high-profile clients as an adult, fashion has always been something near and dear to my hear. I've always loved helping people, writing, and fashion, which sums up what a blogger does on a daily basis - writing about style tips and helping others stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

What and how did you get into fashion influencers' world?

I've always been involved in fashion, and it's always been my one true love. Making a name for yourself in the blogging world is very challenging these days since there's so many of us, but it's all about making connections and supporting other bloggers who share the same passion. It's a community. A family in a sense. Network, network, network!

Why's "C'est le Style"? Where does it come from?

I've never been one to follow trends, and my style changes depending on my mood. One day I'll be chic and sophisticated with a structured blazer, a great pant and pumps, and the next day I'll sport a cool girl look with my favorite denim and sneakers. It's ever changing! C'est le Style derives from the famous saying, "C'est le vie," which means "That's life." Similarly, C'est le Style means "That's style." or "This is my style".

What's your philosophy when it comes to dressing and accessorizing? 

When it comes to fashion, my advice is that if you love it, wear it, because if you feel confident, it shows. I've been known to pull off some rather daring outfits, and it totally worked because I was owning it! Confidence is key.

Describe your style aesthetic in three words...

Classic, fashion-forward, structured.

kyleigh mccollam stylist

What is your styling advice to women?

Wear what you love and what makes you happy. Most importantly, dress for yourself and no one else.

What's next for C'est le Style?

I want to know just as much as you! I have many plans in the works to expand my personal brand as a blogger. This year will be involving a lot of travel and taking risks. I'm ready!

When and how did you first learn about SiammPatra?

We connected through Instagram around a year ago when I was first starting out as a blogger. One of the many reasons why I love Instagram is because you meet so many amazing people, and I got very lucky to find what is now one of my favorite jewelry brands, SiammPatra. It's unlike anything I've seen on the market.

What are your top three favorite SiammPatra pieces? Why?

My #1 favorite piece is the Galaxia Zipper Lariat Choker Collar Necklace. You can wear it multiple ways - doubled, tripled, choker style, a belt, around a hat, the list goes on and on...(read: All That Glitter is SiammPatra).

I also love the Fontage Cuff Bracelet, because I love anything with bows, and it's a great stacking piece. I have it in the black and gold.

Last but not least, I love the Quadrangle Earrings. They make such a statement and I wear them all the time! I didn't know how much use I would get out of them since they're green, but they match more than you think. They instantly turn heads! (read: Almost Fashion Week Outfit).

kyeleigh mccollam spring styling

street style new york fashion week

Who are your favorite top three fashion idols to follow? Why?

Olivia Palermo - She's a modern-day Audrey. Chi, classic, stylish, brilliant. 

Aimee Song - Her style is impeccable, and I love that she was a pioneer for fashion bloggers. Like me, she doesn't dress like anyone else I've seen. Instead, she's always setting trends and staying true to her style. It's rare these days.

Sarah Jessica Parker - She's fun and fabulous. Nothing is too out of the ordinary to wear. all styles, shapes, colors and textures are welcome, and even encouraged. SJP never lost that innocent girly girl side. To her, life is all about playing dress up.

How can people follow you?

I'm on all social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) at @cestlestyle_

My blog is Subscribe to be the first to see what's new on the blog.

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