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  • Boss Babe Series: Remi Sabbah
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Boss Babe Series: Remi Sabbah

Boss Babe Series: Remi Sabbah

We couldn't think of any more qualified to introduce as our boss babe series than stylist/fashion influencer and the founder of Mlle Epaulette, Remi Sabbah. Not only we huge fans of Mlle Epaulette's clothing line, but we've always been impressed with her savvy style and vision as a pioneer female entrepreneur. We've been deeply inspired by her and her brand ever since. 

See below for a Q+A with Remi and learn more about her take on summer, fashion and more.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Who's Remi Sabbah?

A Lebanese fashion designer, founder and creative director behind the fashion brand Mlle Epaulette, created to empower women everywhere. I also have a blog which serves as a platform where I share my wanderlust experiences, journey and style.

What were you doing before you started Mlle Epaulette and how you got into the fashion industry?

I was practically born into fashion from my childhood as my father was rooted in the field in Lebanon. My father was my stylist during my adolescence. I never felt independent away from his own taste. I walked in different paths in journalism until I moved out of Beirut to settle in Europe. I never thought the roads will take me back to the family business; but it did. At some point I needed to prove that I have my own taste, my own vision. I came up with the brand 5 years ago. The name came to me in a dream. It encompasses my personal worldview that women have a strong powerful stance in society. They can make decisions. They can build each other's up. They can be strong together...After all my dream came true. And every person involved in making this magic is a woman.  

Where do you turn for inspiration?

Women has been my ultimate inspiration. I derive my inspiration equally from the runways and couture fashion, as I do from what I see people wearing on the streets of London, Milan, Paris..and wherever my travels take me. My Lebanese origin is also another source of inspiration for my personal style.

Three things we don't know about you...

I love and precious privacy. I am a total Capricorn woman, very caring and passionate for every around me like a mother.

If you could choose any fashion era to live in, which one would you choose and why?

It would be the golden era of 1920's when Audrey Hepburn lived which it was the transition era between black and white and life in multicolors. People had huge sense of romance, class and Royal attitudes which unfortunately we lack of it now in our recent days.

how to wear white or monochrome outfits for summer

What is your styling advice to women? 

What I advise women is to be true to their style, if they want to look stylish. Confidence is the most alluring element on a woman and in order for a woman to be confident, she needs to be feeling comfortable in her own skin.

What's next for Mlle Epaulette?

Managing to get my brand a global outlook has always been one of my goals. I want the label to be recognized in Europe and around the world. I would love for people to know my signature looks and appreciate them. Getting prepared to be a mother is another big mission next to the career, and always focusing on my partnership in bio-ogalife company to help people stay healthy as much as possible. 

When and how did you first learn about SiammPatra?

Through Instagram, the app that is bringing people closer than ever from different part of the world.

Which are your favorite top three SiammPatra pieces and why?

I love everything gold, strong statement pieces as handcuff and rings with green stones. Simply it reminds me of Greek goddesses and life up any style or simple clothe piece when you add it to it. Beautiful job and creations always take my attention. 

Jewelry has the power to...

Make any woman feel bold. 

A woman's wardrobe has the power to...

Tell more about her personality and style. 

How can people follow you?

You can find my Mlle Epaulette's clothing line at

And to get inspired by my journey and style at

Also feel free to connect me on Instagram:



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              Photography provided by: Remi Sabbah
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