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  • Boss Babe Series: Renita Biddle
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Boss Babe Series: Renita Biddle

Boss Babe Series: Renita Biddle

Get excited about our Boss Babe Series this month! A fashion designer, street style star and fashion forward extraordinaire . She's truly one-of-a-kind (much like her latest "The Pin + Skin" collection). Her name is Renita Biddle, a founder of the unique apparel, Cherubim, which began in 2015 on the premise that fashion is a conduit of expression. We're not only appreciate her avant-garde style,  but also adore her quirky, yet spiritual and artistic personality.

Read more about our Renita muse in the Q + A below:

Tell us about yourself. Who's the woman behind "Cherubim"?

My name is Renita Biddle! I was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. The youngest of 8 kids. I consider myself half introvert and half extrovert. I am a lover of old 21 Jumpstreet episodes. My heartthrob of all time is Johnny Depp. I innately knew I was a designer at age 5 when I hand sewed wedding attire for my big collection of Barbie dolls. I believe in Jesus Christ, I'm humorous, big time foodie, and inner rock princess. I love to act, write poems, stories, and chase the sun (I always like to be outdoors).

What's inspired you to start your business and what's your mission?

Although I've been designing many years, it wasn't until two years ago, I decided taking my vision to another level and aiming to show my fashion perspective to the world. My brand, Cherubim, is all about being unconventional and spontaneous, the way I think fashion should be, unpredictable but always fun. Cherubim speaks to the daring diva from every walk of life, who's not afraid to stand alone for the sake of individuality. 

Why's "Cherubim"? Where does it come from?

I was inspired to use the name Cherubim because as a little girl I imagined I was playing with three angels in a circle. The fact that everything we see comes out of the spiritual realm fascinates me. Also Cherubim itself means a hierarchy of angels.

What's a day like in the life of Renita Biddle?

I always start my day with devotion and worshipping God. Reading the Bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me is my foundation, apart from this I am nothing. I have my coffee (A Must!) Get inspired by various genres of music, lately 80s punk like Billy Idol. I do some sketching of the ideas that's in my head, then I go out for a coffee in the city to get inspired by life and the energy of people and places.

What do you love the most about your role as a fashion designer?

I love that I have the ability to give birth to something that didn't exist before and that people appreciate it!

What's the story behind your collections?

Every collection has a story, but it's usually just a random thought that inspires my pieces. It could be a sound or an image I see and then boom! The light bulb comes on!

Describe your brand in three words...

Free-spirit, unconventional, chic.

summer punk rock street fashion

What's your favorite type of clothes and accessories? Why?

I love vintage stuff! It's just so good. Nostalgia makes me like a time-traveller.

What is your styling advice to women?

Take a risk and be confident. Don't worry so much with trying to be on-trend, "Be the Trend!"

How do you work jewelry into your everyday wardrobe? Are there certain pieces that you wear everyday?

I love staple pieces that I can wear with lot of stuff. I swear by good, but gaudy rings, dainty necklaces or punk-inspired chokers. It's all about my mood.

When and how did you learn about SiammPatra?

I was introduced to SiammPatra by anohter fashionista friend of mine who designs socks.

What is your favorite SiammPatra pieces? Why?

I totally love "The Avenue of Savage Collection! The cool zipper details instantly makes you feel like a posh bad girl. The zipper choker rules!

punk rock street chic by renita biddles

the pin + skin collection by renita biddles

statement rings pre-fall jewelry trend

Who will you like to see wearing your clothes?

Rihanna, Willow Smith, Zoe Kravitz as well as everyday inner rock princesses.

How can people contact and follow you?

I can be found on :

Instagram @cherubimrb

Facebook @Cherubimrb

Twitter @Cherubimrb


Thanks for reading!

-SP Team xo

                Photographer: Anita Jacob

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  • Jun 16, 2017

    Congratulations Renita so proud of you and finally took the leap of faith. God bless you.

    — Ruth Garcia

  • Jun 15, 2017

    This article was so inspiring, energetic and simply AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

    — Ramona

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