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  • Boss Babe Series: Roodelyne Jean Baptisete Sylvain
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Boss Babe Series: Roodelyne Jean Baptisete Sylvain

Boss Babe Series: Roodelyne Jean Baptisete Sylvain

We first met Roodelynn Jean Baptiste Sylvian via Instagram in 2015, as she shared her fun and bright sock business called "RSock": instantly we fell in love. In January 2016, we had the opportunity to meet in person during her powerful brunch that she organized to gather and empower her female friends. Her sweet presence, incredible style and artful wisdom was very inspiring and we've become huge fans since then. We couldn't be more happy to share her story and her work with you.

Read our insightful Q&A with Roody or Roodelynn below.

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How did you get into socks industry?

I sometimes feel like I was born in the industry that's how long I have been in it.

What were you doing before you started RSocks?

I started as a buyer for a very established European retail chain, all the while I was a wardrobe stylist. Then years later to begin a Marketing Consultant for emerged designers and now producing my own brand.

What do you get all inspiration?

By exploring the arts and traveling. Inspiration is everywhere.

Describe your brand in three words...

Artsy, practical, corky 

What are your favorite socks and why?

I only wear RSocks and I love them all.

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What is your advice to women when starting out to wear - a first pair of statement socks? 

Start with a knee high right when the weather is in its transition peak between winter and spring. Just the perfect time to make a bold statement.

What's next for RSocks?

So much more in store for the brand - building jobs is one.

When and how did you first learn about SiammPatra?

I learned about SiammPatra brand through the Instagram platform. I fell in love right away with the boldness and colors.

What is your favorite SiammPatra piece?

Gigi black choker collar necklace, silver - the choker one is playful with the right wardrobe. 

roodelynn favorite statement jewelry

Who are your favorite top three idols to follow?

I don't have idols, but I do have a great appreciation for creative minds such as Jenna Lyons and Olivia Palermo.

How can people follow you and buy your RSocks?

RSocks are available in several shops in the Midwest Chicago area and online at 

Thanks for reading!

-SP Team xo

                     Photographer: Anita Jacob
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