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  • DIY Fashion: Kendall Jenner Distressed T-Shirt
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DIY Fashion: Kendall Jenner Distressed T-Shirt

DIY Fashion: Kendall Jenner Distressed T-Shirt

Everybody knows that supermodels are some of the big street-fashion players. They wear the best labeled dresses and the coolest "It" items. Then, However, that might not be a case, because we read an article "So This Is Why Kendall Jenner Is Wearing Ripped T-Shirts" on WhoWhatWear and it blew our minds away! Yeah, we're talking about the DIY distressed tee with the deep plunged cut, that has a nice bralette reveal -maybe this is something only Kendall can pull it off and make everyone commend on. 

Hold on to that thought...Well, we might not have the same kind of figure that Kendall has, but we're sucker for a cool look and stay true aesthetic, so we'll give it a shot. 

Here is a video of how to make the distressed T-shirt like Kendall. All you need is an oversized T-shirt or Boyfriend T-shirt, a pair of scissors and attitude.



Believe us: It doesn't matter if you wear the sexiest clothes or have a very sexy body like Kendall Jenner -If you can't own your look, but let the look own you, you won't be considered stylish. 

Will you wear a cut-up t-shirt? Share with us your thoughts and how you kill it!


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Photographer: Jeff Jacob 


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  • Oct 14, 2016

    How incredible that you made this! it looks really cute

    Rachel xx

    — Rachel H

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