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  • Meet the Mini Exclusive Collection: Sweet Tooth
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Meet the Mini Exclusive Collection: Sweet Tooth

Meet the Mini Exclusive Collection: Sweet Tooth

Every season I always come up with a new collection that is either an inspiration from a trip where I went, things which I saw or people who I met. Strangely this time, my inspiration came from a few voices that surround me - customers and friends who appreciated my work and kept asking me if I could work with more colored stones.

The Cleo collection has been SP's bestseller collection from the moment we launched this line back in 2016. The Hemhem Cocktail Statement Ring was the most popular design among the others. This design has solidified the fashion statement piece and the deep green emerald colored stone makes it distinctly unique.

I received many requests about additional colors and that created a little challenge to meet everyone's needs. After revisions and pressing customer requests, I'm happy to announce that we've just launched our first mini collection. It's an exclusive collection in which I worked on a small quantity in each design. I will see if I want to expand my work and dedicate to adding more colored stones in the future.

Here are three themes of colored stones that I play around:

1. Fuchsia: Who wouldn't love pink? The bright pink is the season's must-try color. The solid pink combines with the classic black and gives a subtle edge look and reflect the power and confidence of femininity.

2. Marble: From a home-decor moment to a one-off i-phone case to a viral pattern in the fashion industry, marble is always eye-grabbing. The contrasting stripe and the saturated tone of black and white are a great alternative to classic black.

3. Champagne: There is just something magical about this color. I can't quite put an explanation to it. This elegant, sophisticated and tasteful shade is evocative of champagne which is the same as the category of Butterum from Color Palette New York by Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2017 (What a lovely coincidence!).

View the complete of exclusive collection of rings and earrings in the "Sweet Tooth" lookbook below:

jewelry editorial lookbook fall winter 2017 2018


guilty pleasure editorial photography colorful accessories rings

Cattleya Stud Earrings + Cattleya Cocktail Statement Ring + Cattleya Link Statement Ring

fashion editorial magazine fruit and sweet

Lunar Link Statement Ring + Chain Link Accent Band Statement Ring Gold 

I know their arrival has been long awaited so I hope you enjoy. 


Anita xo,


          Photographer: Bruce Field @bofields 
          Visual Director: Amanda Moore-Karim @amandaluxe



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