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  • The 5 Unique Winter Outfit Style Guide When You Have Nothing To Wear
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The 5 Unique Winter Outfit Style Guide When You Have Nothing To Wear

Winter season is right around the corner, and we all know the feeling: You are standing in front of your closet full of clothes and saying to yourself that "I have nothing to wear!" With the idea of buying more clothes might not be a necessary solution, sooner or later you would be trapped at the same paradigm again and again. To help you on this, we put together the 5 unique winter styling tips to guide you through the season. Perfectly pairing with jewelry from our statement making ordinary to extraordinary Collection. These fashion forward looks are full of surprises and eye-catching juxtaposition that will make you a statement for whatever an occasion brings.

Winter Outfit Style Guide
If you have a statement pants; for example high-waisted plaid pants, consider pairing them with a classic button-down collared shirt. Then top off with a long coat. The look is simple, understated, and chic when styled with a rock-star like handbag and unique jewelry such as our Gigi Black Choker Collar Necklace Gold, Chain Link Accent Band Statement Ring Gold, and Link Chain Two-Finger Statement Ring Gold.
Winter Outfit Style Guide
Pleated skirts always make a statement especially a silk or satin touch. Wear one with an oversized or chunky sweater (styled as so - off the shoulder for extra compliments), and finish off with matching accessories for a refined take at the social function or a date night. We love the artful jewelry like Bloom Embellished Cuff Bracelet and Crystal Mismatch Chain Link Earrings Gold for a modern twist. 
Winter Outfit Style Guide
Do you have any favorite maxi dresses from last summer? The beautiful thing about maxi dress is you can essentially toughen up a notch by top with a leather jacket, and a pair of combat boots. Them make the look more chic with some silver/rhodium jewelry such as our Flat Plate Chain Accent Choker Rhodium, Chain Link Statement Rhodium and Chain Link Accent Band Statement Ring Rhodium.
Winter Outfit Style Guide
It's so easy to fall back on jeans and a T-shirt, but while that classic combo never goes out of style, you can easily switch things up with a tuck of your favorite hooded sweatshirt over jeans. Keep it more cozy and warm for the season with a cool bomber jacket. Then finish off with pointy ankle boots and geometric jewelry such as our Mable Stud Earrings and Mable Cocktail Statement Ring.
Winter Outfit Style Guide
Now this is how you elevate your denim ensemble. Pair your basic denim with a pair of sleek red pants or any bright colored pants to be a statement piece, the eye-catching combination strikes the balance, and is effortlessly put-together. Just add some cool jewelry to polish things off and we love Large Chain Link Choker Gold and Fontage Black Bracelet Gold.

After all, allow yourself to be creative and playful by mixing from a basic to a statement ensemble. You would be surprised with how many new looks that you can come up without feeling undressed.
Now take those old clothes in your closet and make them feel new!

Happy reading!

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