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  • 'Tis The Season Of Gratitude: Introduce "Women Who Give Thanks Series"
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'Tis The Season Of Gratitude: Introduce "Women Who Give Thanks Series"

'Tis The Season Of Gratitude: Introduce

Turkey's Day has already passed and while the focus of Thanksgiving was usually the food, most of us know know it's much more than just the turkey, it's really about being thankful for not just the food, but all aspects of our lives.

With the launch of my much anticipated brand; SiammPatra, I've been very thankful myself how far the brand has come and how many amazing friends and allies I've met along my journey.

This year, I'll take advantage of the Thanksgiving season to nurture a sense of real gratitude and reflect on all the love and support that I always give and receive back from my customers (and some of them become dear friends) and friends.

Renita Biddle, Yvette Lee and Chigozie "Chigi" Ohanele display the strength of creative mind as a woman entrepreneur, the courage to stand out in the world while most people tries to fit in and the hope that being true to themselves become a new norm as SiammPatra and I's mission to grow the brand and spread the message. 

Join us by listening the Women of SiammPatra using stories to reinforce the importance of gratitude in their lives:

Renita Biddle
Fashion Designer | Actress | Fashion Forward Extraordinaire

Yvette Lee
Talent & Marketing Professional | Street Style Star | Designer | Mentor
Chigozie "Chigi" Ohanele
Nurse Practitioner | Fashion Influencer | Brand Consultant | Social Media Super Star
Now, tell me your story; how you be thankful and celebrate your life. Remember your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.
With tons of love and gratitude,
Anita xo

Photographer: Michaele Ohanele & Anita Jacob
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