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Cuff Bracelets

Accessory Report: Cuff Bracelet 101

Cuff bracelet (or aka arm cuff) is a type of bracelet that is typically in a “C” shaped form, most likely oval, fits closely to the wrist and can have a clasp or be just an open bracelet. There is not much of a difference between a bangle and cuff.  A Bangle is also a type of bracelet, the only difference is that a bangle is a circular or oval bracelet that is normally stiff and fits looser on the wrist and can be worn by slipping over the wrist.

Most forms of jewelry are meant to be accessories to clothing, not so with cuffs. In fact, these cuff bracelets are standout pieces which not only define the person wearing it, but also set the tone for the outfit. Regardless of the outfit, the eye is almost always drawn to these bracelets, making them great conversational starters.

While it seems like the cuff has adorned the wrist for decades, The Bold Statement of The Cuff Bracelet started out thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt and Greece; in fact commoners were forbidden to wear them. Warriors wore them high up on their arms, crafted in decorative forms made of either leather or gold. As this was a symbol of stature, they were also used for protection purpose for the arms.  The bracelets typically had symbols similar to hieroglyphics that told stories of various tribes or gods. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the variety of design and style of cuffs became hit mass production and increased accessibility in the fashion jewelry.

Taking a look back throughout “The History of the Cuff Bracelet,” some style icons who have famously worn chic cuffs include the legendary creator, Coco Chanel and Vogue editor, Diana Vreeland.  Both were rarely photographed without a pair of the dramatic bands encircling their wrists.

These days, Cuffs have come to represent the ‘more is more’ concept as we abandon minimalist touches and embrace anything big, bold and audacious. As Iris Apfel says, “More is more and less is a bore.”  The accessory has the ability to dress up any outfit, while still maintaining that “just threw this on” look.

Consider the bold statement of cuff bracelets looking like shields of armor. Our Imperial Throne Cuff Bracelet, Gold channels Wonder Woman striking poses. The rough engraved metal with gilded gemstones sets apart a mere mortal who possesses strong style sensibilities.  You can wear one alone or a double cuff on each arm making a strong aesthetic statement and giving a feeling of indestructibility to the wearer.

Another type of cuff bracelet that we created is our popular Bedazzled collection.  Created in Thailand, we curated a selection of elegantly crafted friendship bracelets, from simple colorful bands to gold ornate bead and stud versions.  From the outside you seem to be wearing a variety of bracelets, but the beauty of the Bedazzle collection is our Siammpatra designed magnetic clasp that makes wearing them a breeze.

Our Bedazzled collection instantly punches up any outfit with some fun fashion-forward flair – revealing a style unique to your own personal style sense. You can start with our Boho multi strand cuff bracelet that comes with two different styles and colors or choose some pop up colors like our Saliesha Cuff Bracelet.

Though stacks of cuffs are quite on-trend, we’re also fond of making a statement with sleek cuffs. The Avenue of Savage is our literally IN-STYLE collection portraying a toughness and edginess; these intricate bracelets and chokers are now all the rage on runways, social media and among celebs.  Bows and knots are highlights that add a touch of feminine fun to accessories in our Fontage cuff bracelet.

As far as it jewelry goes, it’s the ever-present gold cuff that no one seems to be able to get enough of. Vogue reports that arm cuffs are set to rule the world with more dramatic and futuristic of shapes and forms. Whether you choose a cuff with architectural curves or ornate crystals, the result is surely to be a winsome wardrobe rehab. What are your favorite go-to earrings? Our tip: look for a pair that brings you a moment (Oh, welcome!)