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Accessory Report: All About Earrings

Earrings (aka ear-piecing or face-framing accessory) are piece of jewelry attached to the ear in the earlobe or another external part of the ear; rook, helix, tragus, earhead, daith and conch.  Although there are clip-ons, it’s most commonly attached by making a hole in the ear; it’s very important to read ear-piecing guide and consult with a professional piercer (yes, that’s a thing) to study about the pains and process of healing in the various piecing location.

Fashionistas know that earrings are very important for an instant outfit lift –Most women feel naked without earrings (we certainly do!).

In New York Fashion week there has been a trend for statement earrings.  NYFW Accessories Alert: Mega Statement Earrings or Big earrings: How the stars are wearing today's hottest jewellery trend, you know that the baubles adorning your earlobes are all about individuality.

There are various types of earrings to choose from to make your statement.  Stud earrings have the appearance of floating jewelry on the ear or earlobe without a visible (from the front) point of connection. For example, our Empress Stud earrings are sleek architectural earrings –featuring highly polished gold metal, an eye catching green stone, contrasted with black enamel and featuring a clip-on back (hallelujah!).  It’s set for an everyday look, when you want to appear classy and chic but not overdone.

Dangle earrings and drop earrings are often larger than stud and are designed to flow from the bottom of the earlobes.  These bold and dramatic earrings are stunning items that can draw attention as well as easily creating day to night looks.  The drop earring basically just means it drops from the lobe a bit and a dangle earring means it actually sways and dangles while wearing it.  A Popular form of these larger earrings is the three dimensional form earrings called Sculptural earrings.  Our contribution to Sculptural earrings is the Quadrangle earring.  A sculpted 18-karat gold plated earring, it is complimented with a playful combination of black and green that will illuminate your face and elongate your neck.  OK, now you know what to do…“Let’s Go Bold with Statement Earrings.

More and more statement earrings have become part of everyday fashion and there are so many styles and designs to satisfy every taste. We have now gone from a small stud earring to larger sculptural earrings… what is left to do?  The next steps that continue to be on-trend for accessories are Asymmetrical and mismatched earrings.  This now allows us to take personal expression and creativity to another level, from long and short lengths paired together, or studs mixed with drops.  Either gold, silver or rhodium earrings to chunky made with natural clear crystals or colorful stones; there are multitudes of ways to create your own look.

Did you ever feel frustrated or embarrassed to leave the other side of your favorite rhodium chain earrings or little gold studs at home? Listen here. There is no more reason to feel shame; wear what you have and embrace it freely and spiritually. If you really want to understand how to rock with only one earring, don’t miss out to read “17 Tumblr style tips that prove one earring is better than a pair.” (Gals, we got your backs.)

Our Escape collection offers an idealistic collection for rule breakers by using the visual forms of chains to tell a story while expressing a rebellious attitude.  The Double chain link mismatched earrings with crystal are one of a kind modernist jewelry that makes a powerful impact wherever you are.

Because really, as much as we love earrings (and are loving our new SiammPatra statement earrings), we want to find the best hairstyle to show off them too (Yes! Looking effortlessly chic means we are always thinking of our entire outfit in advance.)  We did a little research on “Statement Earrings: How to Wear Your Hair?” so we can give the best attention for all its glitz and glamour.

Huh? You need a little extra creativity in your life?  We found out that our idol Leandra Medine from Man Repellar gave earring’s a new purpose; Market Report: Wear Your Earrings as Nipple Tassels. Why not, right? You can see that earrings create endless possibilities to be creative and be “on top of your outfit game”

You've reviewed the various styles of earrings—but do you know which earrings are calling you?  From the jewelry piece du jour to the color we'll all be wearing, there’s something for everyone.