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Statement Rings

Accessory Report: Statement Rings, The Source Of Women Power

Statement ring (also known as a “bold and unique ring”) has been with us for millennia.  As you gaze at that glittering rock adorning your right hand, it inevitably traces its roots back to the Ancient Egyptians.  Necklace collars, cuff bracelets and rings - the Egyptians wore their choices of jewelry for so many good reasons.  It wasn’t just ornamental jewelry for beauty but for them the metals, stones and colors acted as a talisman; a source of strength and protection.

At Siammpatra, our Cleo Collection was inspired by the desert landscape and Cleopatra’s most coveted gemstone - the emerald.  The beautiful green gemstone symbolizes both protective and healing properties and sets the theme for this collection. The Hemhem cocktail statement ring, a modern version of “three stone ring,” is an example of an amulet ring that defines friendship, love and fidelity.  

Throughout time, civilizations all had their versions of the statement ring.  Another example was when prohibition swept across America almost a century ago.  With alcohol banned, illegal parties began cropping up everywhere.  It was a time for great change, and in 1920 women were given the right to vote.   With the beginning of burgeoning freedom, fashion blossomed and the celebratory cocktail ring  was a way for women to flaunt their independence. It was a dramatic ring that had large center stones and was accented with pavé diamonds or surrounded by tiny stones.

However, nowadays any statement ring is generally called a cocktail ring and visa versa.  It is no longer only a traditional ring with diamonds and precious stones.  It no longer is only worn at the late hours, “statement rings are a major fashion statement.”  It now refers more to a costume jewelry ring or a fashion jewelry ring, intentionally opting out of bling.  It is a more bespoken design - and as the ring becomes more outrageous and ostentatious, the more unconventional and modern the woman seems to appear.  It is now a modern fashion statement for the woman who would “dare to wear.”

Our Escape collection is another form of statement ring that enchants with its sculptural forms of locks and chains. From pieces in a museum to worthy-wearable art jewelry, it is set to carry through the seasons with class and versatility. The Chain link statement ring is easily wearable, modern, and contemporary— revealing sleek and off seasonal moment.

So how do you wear them?  These bold rings are usually worn on the right hand, opposite of where you would wear a wedding ring.  They can be worn alone or paired with one or more rings to show and display your personal taste and style.  You’ll probably see celebrities and models also wearing them on their index and pinky fingers, or on four, five, or even ten fingers at once! “What is the point of jewelry if no one notices it, Right?” (Take a cue from Chrissy Teigan  or learn from British Vogue - they informed their readers with “Ways to wear rings”.) Whatever feels right to you is the way to go.