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anita jacob siammpatra founder and head jewelry designer

When SiammPatra was started in 2015, no one had any idea about where the journey would go.  In a way, the concept of Siammpatra had always been a dream and passion of Anita Jacob through all her years growing up in Thailand. 

Nanphanita or Anita was born and raised in Thailand.  Here are some postcards of Thailand and guide to Thailand (yes, Thailand is warm all year round…tank top and shorts are all you need!), if one day you decide to discover the country for yourselves.  Anita is a lover of beauty and harmony and graduated from her university with a degree in gemology.  That led to over a decade working for large international jewelry manufacturers in Bangkok.  During this time in her corporate job, Anita observed that when one design hit, a thousand brands wanted to immediately copy the idea.  As a dreamer and someone who values the creative process, this sameness in the copycat world wasn’t fulfilling.  Eventually she made the leap to leave the corporate life and together with a colleague they opened a company.  Her new company thrived and they were a success designing items along with working with jewelry designers, silver/goldsmiths and customers throughout Europe and Asia. 

And then something happened, Anita fell in love and her new life would bring her to the U.S.  She realized that her life would never been the same (positive vibes only!) and wanted to have a career and a place to share her work as well as offer attitudes through her creativity and her lifestyle. 

The thought of having a jewelry brand in the U.S.A. was a bit scary but driven by her heart and passion she contemplated on what she would like to create. 

The name SiammPatra emerged from two ideas.  Siam is the former name of Thailand, the country where Anita was born and raised, and she wanted to pay homage to her roots and the Asian influence that goes into her work.  Patra pays tribute to the Queen of Egypt; Cleopatra and her timeless power and beauty.  Thus this is how SiammPatra came to be.

For Siammpatra and Anita, maximalist over minimalist would be the core message.  Let our inner Queen emerge. Dress in a way that truly expresses yourself.  Maximalist is not about size of jewelry (although this can be the case)  but it is about the size of spirit.  Not holding back and allowing your confidence and spirit come forth: And if that means more, than fine.  As Iris Apfel says, “More is more and less is a bore.

With this mission, SiammPatra is not only a jewelry company, but its a journey of a group of people who strongly believe in the power of style that creates an impact through the art of accessorizing.  

The concept originated in Thailand with the idea to provoke the art of style over market trends and for consumers to generate individualistic culture.  We wanted to unite people to be true to themselves, no need to fit in if they don’t want to, and to appreciate the little things that make them feel good (in this case, I hope you say jewelry!).

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